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National reading campaign invites families

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National reading campaign invites families
National reading campaign invites families

(Doha) – Qatar Foundation’s (QF) National Reading Campaign has invited families from across Qatar to take part in its fun-packed ‘Characters’ Village’ event.

‘Characters’ Village’ is an exciting activation, which aims to entertain and inspire a new generation of readers. Using an ‘inspire through play’ approach, children are invited to enter the world of the campaign’s six storybook characters – fuelling imaginations and bringing the National Reading Campaign to life.

The event will take place November 24 – 26 at Education City’s Ceremonial Court and Green Spine.

Fahad Al Qahtani, President of Community Development at Qatar Foundation said: “Qatar Foundation (QF) aims to enrich and inspire a book-loving culture with its innovative and interactive National Reading Campaign pop-up events. With adventure central to the event’s design and execution, QF’s Ceremonial Court and Green Spine will be transformed into a mini-world of fantasy and fun, with each station inspired by iconic children’s book characters such as Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio and Sinbad.”

Al Qahtani continued “The Characters’ Village is a perfect example of one of the campaign’s main objectives; that reading, entertainment and quality family time can be combined into one unforgettable learning and entertainment opportunity.” With different educational activities set up in separate closely-situated zones, children can learn through play at the storytelling area, maze station and an ‘Alice’ exploration zone, among many other new and exciting events that will be unveiled over the weekend’.

The emphasis of the National Reading Campaign will be reinforced through a truly memorable family event that is sure to capture the imagination of Qatar’s young readers.

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