Arab League regrets escalation of Syrian crisis

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Arab League regrets escalation of Syrian crisis

(Dammam) – The Arab League Secretary General has expressed regret over the escalation of the Syrian crisis.

Speaking to reporters here following the military strikes against a number of Syrian sites, Aboul- Gheit said, “All parties concerned with the crisis, atop of whom is the Syrian regime, are partly accountable for the deteriorating situation.”

“The use of chemical weapons against civilians is an incriminated and internationally condemned act of aggression that can never be tolerated or accepted,” he added.

“Necessity now arises more than anytime before to reach a sustainable political solution to the Syrian crisis in which Arabs should play a major role on the basis of the Geneva Communique I and Security Council Resolution 2254, he said, affirming that the priority should be given to stopping the suffering of the Syrian people and achieving their legitimate ambitions for unity and territorial integrity.