Mayor of Rabat welcomes investors and tourists in Morocco

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(Rabat) – Mayor of Rabat Mohammed Sidiki while speaking to International Diplomat Magazine has said that Rabat a two thousand years old city with rich history and culture that has always welcomed people for holidays , living or doing business in Morocco. We also offer many incentives for for the foreign investors and our process to establish businesses is simple.
Mayor Mohammed Sidiki said that Rabat marina has lot of land to offer at very reasonable price with potential to develop commercial units. While appreciating, the international Diplomat magazine and Diplomat business club for organizing business opportunities conferences in London Dubai and Bahrain, Mayor Siddiki welcomed a similar conference in Rabat Morocco to highlight business and investment opportunities in Morocco. He said HM King Mohammed Of Morroco has given open instructions to encourage and attract foreign investors and businessmen and facilitate the process for starting business in Morocco.
Mayor Mohammed Sidiki also met with the chairman of International Diplomat Magazine during the 19th coronation ceremony in Rabat. Country wide very impressive ceremonies were organized and participated by huge numbers of people.