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Empower receives four awards at IDEA conference in Canada


(Vancouver) – Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation, Empower, the world’s largest district cooling services provider, received four awards IDEA Innovation Awards for the ‘360 Solution for Metering Artificial Intelligence, AIMS 360’, IDEA Innovation Awards for the ‘Energy Transfer Solution Flow Control Optimisation Using Statistical Process Control’, Gold Award for Total Number of Buildings Committed and Gold Award for Total Building Area Committed.

This was part of the 109th International District Energy Association, IDEA, Annual Conference and Tradeshow 2018, held in Vancouver, Canada, from 11th to 14th June.

Empower won the first Innovation Award for AIMS 360, which is a remote and integrated system. Its objective is to effectively manage district cooling needs at both ends of the entire district cooling process. The solution is designed to serve customers with accurate billing requirements, auto-detect and analyse meter fault for real-time rectification, provide a sustainable supply of district cooling for customers and result in a win-win situation for Empower as a district cooling service provider and for customers as recipients of cooling energy.

The second Innovation Award was received for the “Energy Transfer Solution Flow Control Optimisation Using Statistical Process Control, SPC,” which will benefit Empower as well as the end user. Applying SPC, Empower is committed to meeting the contractual demands of the end user in terms of flow requirements and supply temperature.

Empower was selected to win the awards for the adoption of state-of-the-art district cooling systems with world-class standards as well as its ability to deliver world-class district cooling services to a variety of projects in several fields and meet the increasing demand for district cooling in Dubai.

The awards are a recognition of Empower’s pivotal role in promoting the use of district cooling technology, which is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving practice used in residential and commercial buildings, hotels and other facilities. The awards also reflect Empower’s ability to save resources in operating costs, energy conservation, and preserving the environment from carbon emissions.

Ahmed bin Shafar, CEO of Empower, received the awards amid international recognition of Empower’s efforts to improve district cooling services locally and internationally. Bin Shafar expressed his happiness with the awards that Empower received from IDEA.

“This recognition reflects Empower’s determination and leadership, and its ability to innovate solutions and technologies in the district cooling industry, which has put Dubai on the map of global cities in district cooling,” Bin Shafar said.

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