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Russia offers to back Annan’s Syria plan at UN

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Russia offers to back Annan’s Syria plan at UN(Moscow) – Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov during a news conference with his Lebanese counterpart said that Russia is ready to support United Nations resolution endorsing Kofi Annan’s plan for settling the Syrian crisis, signaling it is prepared to raise the pressure on its old ally.
Annan met twice with Syrian President, Bashar-ul-Assad and made proposals to end the bloodshed, which are not yet been made public. Lavrov said that Annan’s proposals should now be unveiled, adding that “The Security Council should support them not as an ultimatum, but as a basis for the continuing efforts by Kofi Annan aimed at reaching accord between all the Syrians, the government and all opposition groups on all key issues, such as humanitarian corridors, halting hostilities by all parties, the beginning of a political dialogue and offering access to the media”.

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