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Booklet on HRH Premier’s Arab League honouring launched

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Booklet on HRH Premier's Arab League honouring launched
Booklet on HRH Premier’s Arab League honouring launched

(Manama) – The Kingdom of Bahrain Embassy in Egypt and the Permanent Mission to the Arab League launched a booklet titled “The Honoring of the Symbol of Giving and the Leader of Development in ‘Bait Al-Arab’ to mark the bestowment of the Arab League Shield for Leadership in Arab Development on His Royal Highness the Prime Minister, Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa.

The honoring comes in recognition of HRH Prime Minister’s achievements in sustainable development, as well as his role in supporting Pan-Arab Action.

The booklet came to document in pictures the activities of the honoring, which was the first of its kind on the level of the Arab League to celebrate an Arab and International distinguished figure that set an inspiring example in the field of sustainable development and invested investment in human resources and called for Arab solidarity and cooperation.

His Royal Highness is also a regional and international pioneer in the development of government services and promotion of comprehensive development as an integrated way of life in the prosperous era of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

It was mentioned in the booklet that Deputy Prime Minister, Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, was deputized by His Royal Highness the Prime Minister to receive the award from the Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Abul Gheit, in a colorful ceremony held for the purpose and attended by renowned Arab elite figures.

Bahrain’s Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, described the 19th of April 2017 as an exceptional day for it marks the honoring of HRH Prime Minister in recognition of his remarkable achievements.

He said the Premier’s accomplishments have been recognized by international gatherings and world reports, what won the Kingdom of Bahrain a leading position among advanced countries.

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