Arab Coalition Launches Operations in Hodeidah

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(Yemen) – In response to the request of the legitimate Yemeni government and in support of the Yemeni Armed Forces, the Arab Coalition has launched a military and humanitarian operation to liberate the port of Hodeidah in western Yemen.

The operation aims to ensure unobstructed humanitarian relief to the Yemeni people through liberating the port and securing international maritime access. The operation in Hodeidah, part of Operation Restoring Hope, is in response to the request of the legitimate Yemeni government and based on UN resolution 2216 of 2015.

The liberation of the port of Hodaidah aims to revive political negotiations that have stalled due to the intransigence of the Houthi Militia, who have continued to exploit the port as a corridor to smuggle Iranian weapons, and seize cargo. Iran’s continued use of the port as a means to provide the Houthi Militia with heavy artillery, including ballistic missiles has also played a role in impeding a political solution in line with international resolutions, the National Dialogue and the Gulf Initiative.

This intervention is a result of repeated requests from the legitimate Yemeni government to the Saudi led Arab Coalition to support the legitimate government, return authority of the port, and bring about the withdrawal of the Houthi Militia. The Houthi Militia have been exploiting the port as a means to smuggle weapons and have seized humanitarian aid to sell it on the black market. The operation also aims to put a stop to these practices and secure maritime traffic.

The military operation ultimately aims to facilitate the entry of humanitarian assistance, which will improve the living conditions of civilians and alleviate suffering imposed by the Houthis; who have used the port as a conduit for weapons rather than food and medicine. In close coordination with international human rights organisations in Yemen, the operation will also ensure that all port revenues will be handed over to the Central Bank of Yemen; ensuring they reach civilians, supports efforts to refurbish the port and continue to serve the people of Yemen and Hodaidah.

The Arab coalition is committed to International humanitarian laws, the protection of civilians, the rebuilding of much needed infrastructure and supporting humanitarian and aid relief organizations.