12th session of Executive Office of Council of Arab Information Ministers held

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(Dubai) – The UAE participated in the 12th regular session of the Executive Office of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, which was held in Dubai, the “Capital of the Arab Media,” as part of the meetings of the General Secretariat of the Arab League.

The UAE delegation was headed by Mansour Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director-General of the National Media Council, NMC.

In his speech during the meeting, Al Mansouri said, “The Arab media is responsible for promoting and defending the values of tolerance and moderation, as well as highlighting the civilised side of our region that embraces creativity and creators and contributes to the development of the entire world. The media is also responsible for combatting extremist ideologies that call for violence and terrorism, and for discouraging our societies from this dangerous scourge.”

Al Mansouri then pointed out that Arab media programmes need to focus on positive content and successful and creative models and highlight them to counter destructive ideas. “We are required to reveal the falsehoods and lies of extremist groups and expose their ideas that do not comply with our religion, values and principles. We must also produce content that motivates the Arab youth to be creative and become leaders,” he stressed.

“We, in the UAE, have long understood the importance of developing strategies and plans to promote the values of moderation and tolerance, due to the belief of our leadership that destructive thought cannot be countered in the usual way, but can only be stopped through highlighting our traditional values and principles and consolidating a culture of tolerance, openness and acceptance, which must be made a lifestyle,” he affirmed.

“These values are confirmed by the diversity of Emirati society, which includes over 200 nationalities from around the world who speak different languages and follow various religions and beliefs. All of them share one principle, which is to serve humanity without discrimination or hatred,” he added.

Al Mansouri then pointed out that the media is a key pillar of joint Arab action and development, adding that it needs to review strategies and plan continuously to keep pace with regional and international developments, which requires everyone to be committed to further cooperation and coordination to enhance the overall capabilities of the Arab media and serve Arab causes.