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Queen passes down patronage over to Kate Middleton


(London) – Kate Middleton is a notable face who has dedicated her post-marriage life to serving a number of charities.

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge procured a watch-dog role over one of the Queen’s charities called the ‘British Family Action’ charity. The establishment has been operating under the mentorship of the Queen for over 65 years.

The news was officiated after a formal engagement as Kate joined a number of families in Buckinghamshire, alongside ‘Family Action’. She partook in Christmas-themed activities, namely making hot chocolate, decorating and making sustainable and eco-friendly reindeer food.

During the event, she stated, “Everybody experiences the same struggle.” Further elaborating, the Duchess concluded by saying, “You get a lot of support with the baby as a mother particularly in the early days but after the age of one it falls away. But after that there isn’t a huge amount—lots of books to read.”

The charity focuses on early childhood development and aims to strengthen familial support to new mothers during a key time in the mother’s life.

The charity was initially established back in 1896 and has continued to help new mothers with a range of issues from mental health, to substance abuse and domestic violence, financial, emotional and practical support.

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