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Fourth round of post-Brexit trade talk ends


The European Union and the United Kingdom have failed to make significant progress during the fourth round of post-Brexit trade talks as the deadline for a possible extension of the transition period looms.

Following four days of video discussions, the sides remained at loggerheads on many topics, including on regulations for businesses.

Their positions on fisheries remain distant, with the UK opposed to EU demands for long-term access to British waters.

“This week, there have been no significant areas of progress … We cannot go on like this forever,” Michel Barnier, EU chief negotiator, said on Friday, adding that both sides must agree to a deal before October 31.

David Frost, UK’s chief negotiator, said the talks should “intensify and accelerate” and be completed by the end of this year.

“We are close to reaching the limits of what we can achieve through the format of remote formal rounds,” Frost said. “If we are to make progress, it is clear that we must intensify and accelerate our work.”

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