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British PM Theresa May resigns


(London) – British Prime Minister Theresa May announced her resignation with the Brexit process in total disarray.

A vote by MPs on her Brexit deal — already rejected three times by MPs — has been postponed, many believe indefinitely.

Meanwhile some of the contenders to replace her have talked up the prospect of a no-deal Brexit.

Here are some of the possible scenarios:

May´s unpopular Brexit deal negotiated with Brussels could come to an end with her departure as it is seen by hardliners as offering too many concessions.

The government had planned to pass legislation to implement the deal before parliament goes into summer recess on July 20.

A first vote on the bill had been scheduled for the first week of June but on Thursday the government said it would be delayed.

As part of that legislation, the government was promising MPs a vote on whether or not to hold a second referendum.

It is now unclear what will happen to the legislation but it seems likely that any new leader will seek a renegotiation.

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