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FNC to discuss reinforcing cooperation with German Bundestag


(Dubai) – Mohammed Ali Al Kammali, Chairman of the Technical, Energy and Mineral Resources Affairs Committee at the Federal National Council, FNC, met with a delegation from the Digital Agenda Committee of the German Bundestag, led by Hansior Dorz, member of the Bundestag and Chairman of the Digital Agenda committee, to discuss the reinforcement of bilateral ties.

The group met at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the FNC in Dubai.

As the meeting began, Al Kammali welcomed the visiting delegation and stressed the strong bilateral ties between the UAE and Germany, especially in the parliamentary field, and presented the role and achievements of the FNC and the country’s strategies in development areas, particularly in innovation and digital technologies.

He pointed out that the UAE believes that digital transformation provides significant opportunities for innovation and jobs growth, and reinforces innovative and cultural diversity, noting that the country believes in the importance of the exchange of expertise and knowledge in the field of good parliamentary practices and legislation in the technical field.

Dorz expressed his thanks for welcoming the delegation and highlighted the close cooperation and strategic partnership between the two countries, which has witnessed significant progress through the exchange of views regarding many topics of mutual concern.

He also stressed the importance of the exchange of expertise in legal, legislative, administrative and investment areas, and ongoing work to increase investments between the two countries.

He noted that the Bundestag formed a permanent parliamentary committee in 2014 concerned with e-policies and said that the committee emphasises digital agenda topics and is aimed at discussing internet policies, interdependence from multidisciplinary perspectives, and creating an environment of digital change.