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BJP sweeps Indian polls, leads show


(New Delhi) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi looked on course for a major victory in the world’s biggest election, with early trends suggesting his Hindu nationalist party will win a bigger majority even than 2014.

Right-wing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of Indian PM and allies are currently leading on 350 seats.

Main opposition party, Indian National Congress along with allied parties are far behind the ruling coalition with 89 seats in the house of 542. While, the non-aligned parties were leading on 103 seats.

In Lok Sabha, the lower house of Indian Parliament, support of 272 members is needed to form the government.

The result would give the BJP and its allies, on course for close to 50 seats, a commanding position in the lower house. They will still lack a majority in the upper house, however, putting a brake on Modi’s legislative agenda.

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