UNRWA regrets US decision to cut funds

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(New York) – The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNWRA) has expressed deep regret and disappointment at the United States’ announcement that it will no longer provide funding to the Agency.

“This decision is all the more surprising given that UNRWA and the United States renewed a funding agreement in December 2017 which had acknowledged the successful, dedicated and professional management of the Agency, said the UNRWA Chief Spokesman Christopher Gunness in a statement today.

“We reject in the strongest possible terms the criticism that UNRWA’s schools, health centers, and emergency assistance programs are “irredeemably flawed”. These very programs have a proven track record in creating one of the most successful human development processes and results in the Middle East. The international state community, our donors and host countries have consistently praised UNRWA for its achievements and standards. The World Bank described our activities as a “global public good” and recognized us for running one of the most effective school systems in the region, in which students regularly outperform their peers in public schools, he added.

“We are extremely grateful for the widespread solidarity that our unprecedented situation has generated and the generosity of many donors that has allowed us to open the school year on time for 526’000 girls and boys this very week,” Gunness noted.