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UAE wins membership of ISO Council until 2022


(Cape Town) – In recognition of the remarkable status of the UAE and its national leadership capabilities, the UAE won membership of International Standardisation Organisation- ISO council (group 3) for 2020/2022, as the UAE garnered 64 votes out of 108 in the vote at the ISO meeting.

The Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology, ESMA, obtained most of the ISO members states’ votes during the ISO General Assembly meetings held Friday, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Abdulla Al Maeeni, head of UAE delegation, Director General of ESMA, said that: ”It underlines the UAE’s prominent regional and global role in the quality standards and infrastructure sector and builds on the country’s solid global reputation and prosperity in various fields.” He added that based on the international reputation of the UAE and the renaissance of civilisation in various fields, especially the quality infrastructure sector, so this marks the second victory for the UAE as an ISO council member, having held this position in the 2013/2014.

The UAE membership will enhance confidence in the UAE’s standardisation systems among countries, increase the competitiveness of national products, increase their access to international markets, and positively reflect on improving the capabilities of the national economy and facilitate international recognition of UAE conformity certificates worldwide, he added.

The period preceding the meeting witnessed an intense activity from the UAE delegation, where a number of meetings were held on the sidelines of the meeting to coordinate cooperation and integration in standardisation activities with regional standardisation bodies in brotherly and friendly countries.