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Yemeni President values Arab Coalition’s sacrifices

Yemeni President values Arab Coalition's sacrifices
Yemeni President values Arab Coalition’s sacrifices

(Aden) – Yemeni President Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi has valued efforts and sacrifices being made by the Arab Coalition, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in sharing the Yemeni people its destiny and concerns.
“Peace is our desire and persistent preoccupation; a peace that is based on implementation of the UN Security Council resolution 2216 without any procrastination or delay so as to lay foundations for a secure future,” President Hadi said while chairing today an exceptional meeting with senior security and military commanders.
He emphasised that the Yemeni people had no longer been able to endure more suffering and wars waged by proxy rebel groups at the service of alien whims that target our society, stability and regional environ.
President Hadi updated the commanders on the latest developments in the political sphere and battlefield as well as efforts being made to achieve peace and relaunch the political process.
“We will always remain advocates of peace despite the destruction and killing inflicted by the rebel Houthi and Saleh militias upon our nation and people,” he affirmed.