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UAE President issues Child Rights law

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UAE President issues Child Rights law
UAE President issues Child Rights law

(Abu Dhabi) – A law to protect children against all forms of negligence, exploitation and physical and psychological abuse has been issued. President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan issued Federal Law No 3 of 2016 on child rights, also called Wudeema’s Law.
The law which was published in the official gazette, stipulates children’s basic rights to live and be safe, and that all competent authorities and concerned bodies have to work together to ensure the protection of children’s rights.
Children shall be raised in an environment that encourages them to adhere to their Islamic faith and be proud of their national identity. Children will be educated about their rights, commitments and duties in a society where values of justice prevail.
The bill was originally named ‘Wudeema’s Law’, after a girl of that name was murdered in 2011 after months of brutal mistreatment.
The law says that children have the right to be given citizenship and protect their lineage. It gives children the right to be registered under the name of their parents.
Children’s rights include being given a name that does not demean them, harm their dignity or contradict their religious beliefs and social norms. Children must be given a birth certificate immediately after they are born. The law prohibits children’s exposure to any abusive interference or illegal procedure in their lives.
The law bans child labour, and stipulates that children can only begin working once they reach the age of 15. It bans the economic exploitation and recruitment of children in any work that endangers their lives.
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