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Shura Council chairman receives NIHR’s annual reports

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Shura Council chairman receives NIHR's annual reports
Shura Council chairman receives NIHR’s annual reports

(Manama) – Shura Council Chairman, Ali bin Saleh Al Saleh, has lauded the role played by the Council of Commissioners at the National Institution for Human Rights (NIHR), and praised the responsibilities and duties carried out by the NIHR to develop human rights in the kingdom, promote their principles and promote social awareness on them, in a way that reflects Bahrain’s commitment to protecting them within a transparent institutional framework, in line with the vision and directives of the leadership in this regard.

Al Saleh made the statements while receiving the members of the NIHR’s Council of Commissioners, led by Dr. Abdulaziz Hassan Abul, who submitted to him the NIHR’s reports for 2015 and 2016.

The Shura Council Chairman the reports’ documentation of the national human rights achievements, and the efforts of the NIHR during the two years at the local and international levels.

He affirmed that the NIHR’s communication and cooperation with international organisations and agencies reflect the Kingdom’s openness and transparency while dealing these international parties in order to highlight Bahrain’s honourable record in the fields of human rights and freedoms.

He reiterated the Shura Council’s backing of everything related to consolidating freedoms and rights, respecting the rule of law and strengthening laws and legislation that guarantee the best practices in the field of human rights.

Chairman and members of NIHR’s Council of Commissioners expressed sincere thanks to Al-Saleh for the Shura Council’s unwavering keenness to consolidate human rights in Bahrain, expressing hope that bilateral cooperation will be increased in the coming period.

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