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Premier receives Gulf Press Union members

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Premier receives Gulf Press Union members
Premier receives Gulf Press Union members

(Manama) – His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa received at Gudaibiya Palace the Gulf Press Union members led by Editor-in-Chief of Saudi Al-Jazeera newspaper Khalid bin Hamad Al-Malik and the union’s Secretary General Nasser Al Othman on the occasion of the union’s sixth conference hosted by Bahrain.

HRH the Premier praised Saudi Arabia’s key international role in serving Arab and Islamic issues, pointing out the importance of the GCC union in further bolstering cooperation between the GCC countries. He said the GCC leaders were fully aware of the challenges facing their countries and dealt with them wisely to thwart conspiracies, protect their peoples and preserve security and stability in their countries in an unstable world.

HRH the Prime Minister urged to rally ranks and avert discourse inciting sedition and division, stressing the key role played by the press and media personnel in defending the national interest and describing them as the first defence line of their countries. He called to avail of the social media networks to disclose the GCC media message, foster unity and foil plots.

HRH the Premier praised the strong GCC media, voicing keenness on its expansion at the Arab and international level and warning against dissonant voices aimed at impeding development. He also lauded the pivotal role of the GCC press in enlightening the public opinion, defending the right of the GCC people to live in peace and security and foiling plots to tarnish achievements.

HRH the Prime Minister hailed the advanced level of the GCC press, commending the efforts of its personnel in defending their nations and confronting defamatory campaigns targeting them. He urged to remain vigilant against the ongoing plots targeting the region, stressing the cross-border influential role of the media and press in confronting them.

HRH the Premier stressed that the fast-paced regional and international developments require a high level of alertness and an effective press capable of enlightening the public opinion raising awareness of the need to hold on to unity and shun sedition in order to protect the GCC countries and maximize their achievements.

The Gulf Press Union members expressed appreciation of HRH the Premier’s unflinching support to the press and journalists, commending his keenness to press ahead with the Gulf Press Union’s march to achieve its goals. They also commended HRH the Prime Minister’s wisdom and statesmanship, praising his pioneering role in Bahrain’s progress and prosperity.

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