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PM receives Arab Parliament Delegation


PM receives Arab Parliament Delegation
PM receives Arab Parliament Delegation
(Manama) – Prime Minister HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said that the vivacious political and diplomatic moves led by Riyadh to protect peace and stability in the region have shown that Saudi Arabia has a pivotal role in drafting the future of the Arab and Islamic nations.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has succeeded under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in consolidating the status of the Arab nation as an influential player in the regional and international levels,” HRH Prince Khalifa said as he received a delegation from the Arab Parliament.

HRH the Premier expressed deep satisfaction over the outcome of the summits hosted in the Saudi capital and the Arab awakening required at a time when the Arab nation faces many challenges.

“The summit marks new goals to achieve security and stability for the countries and peoples in the region. The outcomes must be invested to enhance the capabilities of the Arab and Islamic countries and preserve the achievements for their peoples.”

HRH the Premier welcomed the delegation headed by Mishal bin Fahm Al Salmi, the President of the Arab Parliament, making a visit to Bahrain.

Council of Representatives Speaker Ahmad Al Mulla attended the meeting.

HRH Prince Khalifa said that such visits contributed to expanding cooperation and coordination between the two sides and to achieving greater Arab integration.

“The threats facing our region require us to strengthen coordination among us and to rise up to the challenges to the completion of what we have begun in the area of development,” HRH Prince Khalifa said.

Arab parliaments should support efforts exerted by governments in order to provide the adequate conditions to improve economic capabilities and fortify the home front against all threats, he added.

HRH the Premier lauded the role of the Arab Parliament in reinforcing Arab cooperation, strengthening bonds between Arab people and consolidating the role of Arab parliaments to advocate Arab causes in international parliament forums.

HRH Prince Khalifa praised the stances of the Arab Parliament that rejected foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Bahrain and that supported the kingdom in its efforts to protect peace and stability and combat terrorism.

“Any terrorism targeting Bahrain is doomed to fail and our strong positions are the great deterrent to anyone who wants to interfere in our affairs. We do not attack anyone or interfere in anyone’s affairs and we do not want anyone to interfere in our internal affairs,” he said.

He also praised the role of the parliament in Bahrain in supporting the comprehensive economic development process in the kingdom and stressed that Bahrain was proud of its parliamentary experience that despite its young age can be compared with the more established ones.