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Minister inspects solar energy project

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Minister inspects solar energy project
Minister inspects solar energy project

(Manama) – Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza visited the Avenues Mall development to inspect the progress of a project of integrating solar energy solutions at the facility.

He was accompanied by United Nations Resident Coordinator and Resident Representative Amin Al Sharkawi and the Director of the Sustainable Energy Unit.

He was received by Mohammed Salahuddin Consulting Engineering Bureau Chairman of the Board of Directors Mohammed Salahuddin and a representative of the project’s owner, Nasser Abdul Salam, officials and engineers.

The work on the use and integration of solar energy solutions in some facilities of the complex, with the installation of solar panels on external parking garages, and efforts to encourage investment and benefit from solar energy has been carried out in cooperation with the Avenues Complex Management.

The minister said that the Sustainable Energy Unit, which promotes the use of solar energy, seeks to cooperate and provide technical support to major projects in Bahrain in terms of generating solar energy in pursuit of the desire of the wise leadership, to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
The plan is to have five per cent of Bahrain’s energy use to be renewable energy by 2015.

The Minister also said that the Sustainable Energy Unit has experts to provide technical advice and assistance in taking advantage of the solar energy of any existing or future projects in the country.

The minister added that the benefit of renewable energy will be rewarding for all parties in terms of clean energy that is environmentally friendly. This would also create new jobs for Bahrainis.

It is worth mentioning that recently, because of the huge decline in the cost of solar energy, it is now considered competition for fossil energy, and will provide save large quantities of gas that are consumed to generate electricity, which can then be used in major industrial projects.

The minister thanked all officials and developers for their cooperation with sustainable development initiatives and their response to the implementation of the solar energy applications in the complex.

The project management thanked the minister and officials for their support and to provide all possible assistance in the implementation and application of solar energy solutions.

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