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Leadership congratulate Oman on 47th Renaissance Day

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Leadership congratulate Oman on 47th Renaissance Day
Leadership congratulate Oman on 47th Renaissance Day

(Manama) – Oman is celebrating its 47th Renaissance Day on July 23, an occasion for the citizens to reiterate their allegiance to Sultan Qaboos, architect of the country’s progress.

Their proclamation of allegiance is associated with profound feelings of love, gratitude, appreciation and loyalty to Sultan Qaboos, whose wise leadership developed a modern state established on solid foundations of equality, civilized citizenship, rule of the law. The Sultan put the country on the right track for progress and growth which benefits all citizens.

On this day, the Omani people ponder over the achievements made in the past 47 years. The efforts of the Sultan, coupled with the resourcefulness of the people molded the country into the exact honorable shape that the Sultan had envisioned and planned for an oasis of peace and prosperity that abounds with all means of dignified life.

While the country’s rebirth date of July 23, 1970 constituted the gateway to a new brilliant reign, Omanis today continue to reap the fruits of the past years of ardent nation building. They gratefully savour the success of local, regional and international policies laid down by the Sultan.

Right from the first day of the Omani Renaissance, the Sultan reinforced the pillars of national unity as a solid base from which support the efforts of domestic development. He set up and upgraded the edifices of justice and the ‘State of Law and Institutions’ so that citizens and residents enjoy security, with all rights guaranteed under the rule of law.

The Sultan also laid down the foundations of a foreign policy that is based on extending bridges of friendship, confidence, credibility and clarity when dealing with all brethren and friends, in all events and under all circumstances. In its relations with brotherly and friendly countries, Oman’s foreign policy sticks to specific, clear-cut, permanent and declared principles.

This policy had a strong impact and a tangible effect in tackling various issues and enabled Oman to maintain its dignified status and play a positive role in the international arena, acting as an active contributor to the good of the people of this region and the surrounding world.

Thanks to the tradition of peace advocated by Sultan Qaboos, Oman has been able to establish relations of fraternity, friendship and cooperation with all countries of the world. Oman has been keen on developing these relations in all fields to optimize benefits and serve its own interests, as well as the interests of other countries.

The Sultanate is one of the countries that endorse the principles of dialogue and negotiations for resolving disputes by peaceful means on the basis of mutual respect and adherence to the International Law. Oman also adopts the principles of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries, cooperation among countries, achievement of common interests and good neighborliness.

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