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Kuwaiti Speaker meets UN chief

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Kuwaiti Speaker meets UN chief
Kuwaiti Speaker meets UN chief

(Kuwait) – Kuwait’s Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim has held talks with visiting UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres who was currently touring the region.

Al-Ghanim and the UN official dissected major issues including the Palestinian cause, the conflict in Syria and terrorism.

“It is imperative to ramp up pressure on Israel to abide by international law that ensures that Palestinians’ rights are protected and Israeli aggressions are halted,” Al-Ghanim said.

Meanwhile, Guterres, who will be in the Palestinian territories on Monday, said that the UN denounces Israel’s settlement policies.

On the conflict in Syria, the UN chief acknowledged Kuwait’s support of the war-torn nation, citing a series of conferences the country has hosted for the sake of the Syrian people. He added that Kuwait leapt into action while the international community was hesitant to make any move.

Both officials also collectively agreed to take critical steps to rid the world of the scourge of terrorism.

The meeting brought together a number of UN and Kuwaiti officials.

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