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King hails historic relations with Egypt

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King hails historic relations with Egypt
King hails historic relations with Egypt

(Manama) – His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa hailed deep-rooted historic relations binding the Kingdom of Bahrain and Egypt, lauding steadily-growing cooperation, particularly military ties.
This came as he received at Al-Safriya Palace Egyptian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ahmed Khaled Hassan Said, Naval and Airforce officers, marking their participation, alongside the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF), in the joint exercise “Hamad 2”.
HM the King hailed the participation of the contingent in “Hamad 2”, considered one of the most important military exercises, conducted by the BDF and the Egyptian Armed Forces. He paid tribute to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for his dedicated efforts and role to consolidate bilateral relations and strengthen the pillars of joint cooperation towards serving mutual interests.
“The military drill reflects deep-rooted historic relations and growing military and defence cooperation”, said HM the King, hailing the armed forces which play a crucial role in protecting both countries and staving off destructive ideas.
“The first Egyptian batch of teachers came to Bahrain in 1919, signaling the beginning of formal education in the region”, HM the King said. “Bahrain derives its strength and cohesion from its educated people”, he said, adding that illiteracy has been eradicated in Bahrain.
HM the King underlined the importance of such joint exercise in consolidating military cooperation, exchanging expertise and enhancing combat readiness to confront all challenges and contribute to bolstering pan-Arab action.
He stressed the pivotal role of Egypt which represents a strategic depth for the whole Arab nation, hailing shared history and civilisation between the two countries.
Royal Bahrain Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shaikh Khalifa bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa delivered a speech, welcoming HM the King and the Egyptian delegation. He stressed the importance of joint military action to confront regional challenges and changes, deter dangers and defeat the scourge of terrorism, hence the need for stronger fraternal military cooperation.
He commended the joint exercise “Hamad 2” which followed the directives of HM the King and President al-Sisi, underlining the importance of the drill in consolidating historic fraternal relations. He thanked HM the King and prayed to the Almighty to bless Bahrain and Egypt with lasting security, hailing the success of the drill in achieving strategic cooperation.
Rear Admiral Said expressed thanks to HM the King and hailed solid historic relations and joint cooperation, commending the success of the military exercise which reflects joint solid ties. He also hailed the BDF strides in all military fields, expressing the pride of the Egyptian Navy in taking part in the joint military exercise – “Hamad 2”.

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