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Key Arab meeting concludes in Cairo

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Key Arab meeting concludes in Cairo
Key Arab meeting concludes in Cairo
(Cairo) – A key two-day meeting focusing on ways of combating the scourge of terrorism in the Arab region concluded today in Cairo.

Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity, Head of Executive Bureau of the Arab Social Affairs Ministers’ Council, Dr. Ghada Wali, chaired the session, which was attended by senior officials representing Arab ministries of social affairs, justice and youth.

The meeting followed the recommendations of the Arab Summit, which was held in Jordan on combating the scourge of terrorism and achieving development.

The delegations condemned all the spate of terrorist attacks which hit Arab countries and other parts of the world, including Barcelona, Marseille and Finland.

They urged international community and organisations to step up concerted efforts to combat terrorism, address its causes and dry up its funding sources.

An Arab taskforce was set up to draw-up a work-plan on the implementation of the Arab Declaration theme “Supporting Arab Work to eliminate terrorism”.

The panel would coordinate with the Naif Arab University for Security Sciences (NAUSS), Al-Azhar, the Arab Labour Organisation, the Arab Parliament, the Arab Information Ministerial Council’s technical secretariat and other specialised think tanks.

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