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Kerry lauds Arab League’s Secretary

Kerry lauds Arab League's Secretary
Kerry lauds Arab League’s Secretary

(Washington) – US Secretary of State John Kerry has described Secretary-General of the Arab League Nabil Al-Araby “a solid partner” who is trying to find means to counter violent extremism and fight Daesh (ISIL).
Speaking on the occasion of his meeting with the Arab League chief, Kerry said that Al-Araby is a person who is continuously working for peace in the Middle East.
On his part, Mr. Al-Araby said they adopted a resolution that has a “comprehensive approach” to counter terrorism. “This approach is military based but also focused on, ideological factors, regional factors, [and] cultural factors to look why people from the area join these terrorist organizations,” he said.
Al-Araby continued, “If you want to succeed in getting rid of these heinous organizations, we have to work cooperatively.”
(Courtesy WAM)