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GCC declares Hezbollah a terrorist organisation


GCC declares Hezbollah a terrorist organisation
GCC declares Hezbollah a terrorist organisation
(Riyadh) – The Arab States of Gulf Cooperation Council announced the decision to consider Hezbollah militias, leaders, factions and organisations affiliated to them, as a terrorist organisation.
Dr. Abdullatif bin Rashid Al- Zayani, GCC Secretary-General, said that the GCC states have taken this decision as a result of hostile acts being carried out by elements of those militias to recruit young people of GCC member states for carrying out terrorist acts, smuggling of weapons and explosives, and inciting sedition, disorder and violence in flagrant violation of their sovereignty, security and stability.
He said, “The GCC states consider Hezbollah militias’ practices in the Council’s states and their terrorist and subversive acts being carried out in Syria, Yemen and Iraq to contradict moral and humanitarian values and principles and the international law and pose a threat to Arab national security.”
He confirmed that due to the continuation of these militias in their terrorist practices, the GCC states have decided to consider them as a terrorist organisation and will take necessary measures to implement their decision in this regard on the basis stipulated in anti-terrorism laws applied in the GCC states and similar international laws.
(Courtesy WAM)