Dozens killed, injured in Kabul suicide blast

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 Dozens killed, injured in Kabul suicide blast

Dozens killed, injured in Kabul suicide blast

(Kabul) – At least 40 people were killed, and 140 injured in the powerful suicide blast carried out by an ambulance in Afghanistan’s capital city Kabul, local officials reported.

Details of the attack show that an ambulance packed with explosives blew up in a crowded area in the city, killing at least 40 people and wounding 140 others.

«The suicide bomber used an ambulance to pass through checkpoints. He passed through the first checkpoint saying he was taking a patient to Jamuriate hospital and at the second checkpoint he was recognized and blew his explosive-laden car, » Afghan Interior Ministry deputy spokesperson, Nasrat Rahimi told reporters.

Public health ministry spokesman, Mohammad Ismayeel Kawosi, also confirmed the casualty figures and said the wounded have been taken to different hospitals across the city.

Security forces have cordoned off the scene and a search operation went underway.

According to local media, Taliban rebels have claimed responsibility for the blast that struck near many government buildings, foreign embassies and shops.

The blast is among the series of attacks across Afghanistan including a deadly 17-hour siege last Saturday on a luxury hotel that killed around 25 people including foreigners and the attack on an international NGO “Save The Children” in Jalalabad, Nangarhar province.

A security alert was issued to foreigners about militantsآ’ plans to conduct aggressive attacks on supermarkets, shops and hotels frequented by foreigners, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) also reported.