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BIBF launches disability awareness training

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BIBF launches disability awareness training
BIBF launches disability awareness training

(Manama) – Bahrain Institute for Banking and Financial Studies (BIBF) has launched a one-day ‘disability awareness training’ programme for frontline employees of Bahrain’s banks.

The programme, which is mandated by the Central Bank of Bahrain, has been developed in partnership with Disability Rights UK; one of the UK leading disability charities.

The programme aims to raise the awareness of bank staff of the range of issues faced by people with disabilities and to equip them with the skills needed to provide the services that disabled customers might need.

BIBF’s Deputy Director Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh said: “The CBB’s requirement that bank staff undergo such training is confirmation of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commitment to supporting and improving the lives of disabled people. We are delighted to have partnered with Disability Rights UK in developing this innovative programme, which will have a positive effect on the experience of disabled people in Bahrain.”

Also, BIBF’s Head of Academic and Executive Education Dr. Keith Sharp said: “People with disabilities face obstacles and discrimination in many areas of their lives. By equipping frontline bank staff with the skills necessary to ensure that disabled customers can benefit in full from the services and products which banks offer, this programme represents an important step in removing such obstacles and in improving the lives of people with disabilities.”

The programme explores a number of important topics, including the range of disabilities, which people can experience, and how these can adversely affect people’s lives. he added: “It is important to remember that disabilities do not just include impairments in mobility, but a wide range of issues that can affect people in complex ways. By gaining a better understanding of this complexity, bank staff will be able to ensure that the barriers faced by disabled customers are minimised.”

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