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Bahrain’s pavilion highlighted investment environment

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Bahrain's pavilion highlighted investment environment
Bahrain’s pavilion highlighted investment environment

(Manama) – Bahraini National Pavilion completed this year ten years of periodic participation in GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.
The Pavilion which combines government and private Bahraini industry stakeholders of information and communication is a milestone of GITEX landmarks, and reflecting the extent of the development of this industry in Bahrain and the increase in its contribution to the economic output.
Bahraini National Pavilion held at GITEX this year under the title “Ten Years of Success,” in which four government entities and 31 ICT private company offer their services and products in front of more than 130 thousand visitors to GITEX over the five days.
The pavilion received 13 delegations representing the Arab and international countries participating in the exhibition, including international delegations from Nigeria, Germany, India, in addition to delegations from Japan, Malaysia and Latvia, as well as the reception Arab delegations from Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, representatives of the international companies specialized in the field of technology.
The exhibitors in Bahrain national pavilion focused during their talks with delegations on benefits of the Bahraini investment environment and the implications of those advantages on the ICT market, which is witnessing a steady growth despite the economic downturn caused by falling oil prices. Visiting delegations also briefed on the services and projects offered by Bahraini companies.
Among the 31 companies in the Bahrain national pavilion at GITEX, six Bahraini start-up companies had the opportunity to highlight their work and launched at the regional and global level, especially after he launched this year’s show initiative bold «movement’s most cosmopolitan emerging companies», where he devoted a special hall involving approximately 400 entrepreneurs, who came from more than 52 countries, are present along with more than 250 investors and a guide.

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