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Bahrain to launch of All-GCC E-Govt Portal

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Bahrain to launch of All-GCC E-Govt Portal
Bahrain to launch of All-GCC E-Govt Portal

(Manama) – The Kingdom of Bahrain E-Government Authority (EGA) has announced the anticipated launch of the All-GCC E-Government Portal by early 2015. Mohammed Ali Al-Qaed, CEO of EGA told that the All-GCC E-Portal would provide a connection of services needed by GCC citizens whenever travelling within the GCC countries. The Portal would include official data from GCC-member countries in addition to the e-Government’s objectives and strategy.
He said that the portal’s services have not been decided yet. The United Arab Emirates has been tasked to compile a visualization of such services needed by GCC citizens. He affirmed that Bahrain had presented its views.
EGA’s CEO added that there were eight Gulf initiatives as part of GCC strategy and that the All GCC E-Government Portal is one of these initiatives which would contribute in boosting GCC citizenship and the provision of optimum services to Gulf nationals everywhere in the GCC countries.
(Courtesy WAM)

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