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Abu Dhabi hosts Crisis & Emergency Management Conference

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Abu Dhabi hosts Crisis & Emergency Management Conference
Abu Dhabi hosts Crisis & Emergency Management Conference

(Abu Dhabi) – The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) is convening its Crisis and Emergency Management Conference 2016 (CEMC) at a time when both the region and world are passing through exceptional circumstances marked by successive crises, though with disproportionate severity, from time to time, organisers say.
The Crisis and Emergency Management Conference is designed to raise awareness and educate national crisis management communities and their partners in the UAE and GCC of the systems and processes to be employed during potential crisis scenarios.
‘These crises will provide a rich thematic subject for discussion, debate and dialogue on extremely sensitive and carefully selected agenda from the events and changes taking place in Arab and international arenas,’ Dr. Jamal M. Al Hosani, Director-General of NCEMA, says in the conference book which will kick start in Abu Dhabi tomorrow under the theme ‘Innovative Approaches Towards a safe Nation.’ The two-day conference, he states, will provide a precious opportunity for keynote speakers and stakeholders to present their experiences and experiments as well as their knowledge and information that will produce recommendations which will pave the way for advanced, effective and innovative solutions to address and manage crises, their repercussions and impact and help to limit human and financial losses and damage.
‘While life and communities are developing and progressing, new, complicated series of risks and threats are emerging, adding to our responsibilities and duties. That is why we consider addressing the latest and best mechanisms in crisis and disaster management, taking into consideration the global transformations in terms of consequences and solutions so that we can thoroughly devise required plans and programmes based on analysis of the present reality,’ he explains.
‘We should not stand by and wait for the disaster to strike in some countries plagued by catastrophic situations and absence of security in their communities. Rather, we need to have a deep holistic approach to security with all its economic, social and political perspectives so as to recommend solutions that protect our communities from terrorism and its negative impact,’ he adds.
To have a safe, responsible community that is responsive and vigilant to crises and disasters, he indicates, we must develop innovative methods based on early planning, good preparation and timely, complete readiness.
This is the fifth edition of the conference that was first held in 2008. This initiative is the first of its kind in the MENA region in the field of crisis, disaster and emergency management. The conference attracts a prominent group of experts and specialists in the field of emergency management to shed light on the experiences of numerous countries and institutions that focus on the successful management of emergency, crisis and major events.
In the last edition of the conference, the main focus was highlighting the latest international best practices in the field of crisis and emergency management and also transfer of international experience and introducing the latest technologies in this field to underscore state’s ability to face any crisis or emergency by hosting prominent speakers and experts from all over the world.
(Courtesy WAM)

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