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Tamkeen, BTECH organise forum on ICT

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Tamkeen, BTECH organise forum on ICT
Tamkeen, BTECH organise forum on ICT

(Manama) – Tamkeen and Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) organised a forum on “The future of ICT industry in Bahrain”. Both sides stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation in discussing means to support and develop information and communications technology (ICT) firms in Bahrain.
Tamkeen’s Chief Operating Officer, Amal Al Kooheji, stressed Tamkeen’s commitment to supporting initiatives aimed at serving private sector enterprises and fulfilling businesses’ needs in light of ICT advances in the Kingdom.
She expressed delight at partnership with BETCH, aimed at empowering Bahraini ICT companies, which play a key role in the development of this vital sector. She said: “We all value the importance of ICT in our daily lives, and this sector has become pivotal for development. ICT advances have created a worldwide quantum leap in communication, information exchange and business facilitation.”
Board Chairman of BTECH, Obaidly Al Obaidly, explained that BTECH has sought to draw up plans to develop and expand the ICT sector to meet economic, social and education requirements, and encourage entrepreneurship and investment in these areas.
He stressed that BTECH will continue working with Tamkeen on identifying studies on initiatives, projects and programmes to boost the sector in the Kingdom, develop ICT companies and encourage their continual growth, thus, achieving sustainable development goals and enhancing Bahraini entrepreneurship regionally and internationally.
Meanwhile, Ahmed al Hujairi, the consultant of the board of BTECH, said the forum “The future of ICT industry in Bahrain” would increase BTECH’s cooperation with Tamkeen on its efforts to advance the ICT sector in the Kingdom.

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