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UK election campaign enters final rounds


(London) – Britain´s general election campaign enters its frenetic final stages, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn desperately seeking votes ahead of Thursday´s crucial poll.

Johnson is hoping to regain the Conservative majority lost by his predecessor Theresa May in the last election, just two years ago, while Corbyn is aiming to upset the odds and usher in the first Labour government for nine years.

Hanging over the election is the issue of Britain´s departure from the European Union, which will be thrown into doubt altogether should Johnson fail to achieve a majority.

The prime minister said that the impact of Thursday´s vote would be “felt for decades”.

The high stakes and ideological divisions between Johnson and veteran leftist Corbyn have led to a fractious and personal campaign, with Johnson repeatedly facing questions over his trustworthiness and the Labour leader on the backfoot over anti-Semitism within his party.

The pair traded barbs over Brexit in Friday´s final TV debate, but also on other key election themes such as the health service, austerity and terrorism.

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