Al Mansoori discusses key economic issues at World Economic Forum 2012

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Al Mansoori at World Economic Forum 2012

Al Mansoori at World Economic Forum 2012(Davos) – UAE Minister of Economy, H.E Sultan Al Mansoori while speaking to the Media at the World Economic Forum in Davos said that the UAE, as a stable, secure state, will see some immediate short-term benefits as investment flows to safe havens, but in the longer term, all economies in the Middle East will benefit.

He expected UAE economy to grow by 4 per cent considering this will be a perfect result within the current conditions at regional and global levels, particularly in light of the euro and the U.S. crisis, adding that the national economy is integrated into the regional and global economies, and not in isolation from the challenges that may arise at all levels, but we must be optimistic and look forward to growth and overcome various challenges, especially as the UAE has a diversified economy and at the same time supported by oil resources.

The Minister reiterated the strategic importance of the topics to be discussed by the Summit on the Global Agenda, which will be held in Dubai in 2012, especially as the world is full of financial, political, and climate change challenges, pointing out the importance of drafting a way forward agenda for the region; economic agenda that will focus more on the countries of the Arab spring and the necessary involvement of the Gulf countries and the Europe countries to take a lead in this.

Al Mansoori met with high level officials on the sidelines of the forum to discuss key economic issues that are of interest to the UAE, and explore new cooperation opportunities with countries that are considered strategic for the UAE.