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UAE marks World Humanitarian Day


UAE marks World Humanitarian Day(Dubai) – The emirate of Dubai, known for its humanitarian initiatives has became part of one of the largest humanitarian campaigns in the world reported to be reaching out to over one billion people through social media. Celebrated on August 19, the United Nation’s (UN) initiative World Humanitarian Day (WHD) honours humanitarian workers who risk their lives to help people dying of calamities, conflicts and hunger.
Thousands of people, who were celebrating the festival of giving at the foot of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in Downtown Dubai, witnessed screening of a WHD special video at the Burj Steps. The music video by Beyoncé, titled “I Was Here”, was part of the WHD celebrations that aimed at reaching out to one billion people, on one day, with one message.
The video was recorded during the live performance of Beyoncé held at the UN General Assembly in New York on August 10 to inspire people to leave their mark on the world and say “I Was Here”. The message was chosen to show how people care for others to leave their footprint on the humanitarian world and aimed at spreading positivity among the mankind by doing something good to someone, somewhere.