U.S. and NATO Finalize Pacts on Ending Afghan War

U.S. and NATO Finalize Pacts on Ending Afghan War(Brussels) – United States and its allies in NATO finalized agreements to wind down the war in Afghanistan, paving the way for President Obama to announce at a NATO summit meeting scheduled to be held in Chicago next month that the unpopular, nearly 11-year-old conflict is close to an end.
After a day of meetings at NATO headquarters, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said the allies had formalized three crucial commitments: to increasingly move the Afghans into a lead combat role; to keep some international troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014, the year all American forces are supposed to be home; and to pay billions of dollars a year to support the Afghan security forces.
Mrs. Clinton said, “The big picture is clear, the transition is on track, the Afghans are increasingly standing up for their own security and future, and NATO remains united in our support”.

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