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Obama and Erdogan Demand Assad to Step Down

Obama and Erdogan Demand Assad to Step Down
Obama and Erdogan Demand Assad to Step Down

(Washington) – US President Barack Obama and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan insisted Bashar al-Assad must step down amid a flurry of moves to organize peace talks to end Syria’s bloody civil war. The two met in Washington as efforts to bring the Assad regime and the Syrian opposition together at an international conference next month gathered pace.
At a joint White House news conference, the Turkish and US leaders restated their position, but Obama admitted: “There is no magic formula for dealing with an extraordinarily violent and difficult situation like Syria’s.”
World leaders have been beating a path to Moscow’s door in recent days, amid hopes that Russia can sway the Assad regime to come to negotiations, and end the killing which rights activists say has claimed some 94,000 lives.
Russian President Vladimir Putin was to meet UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as French President Francois Hollande said greater efforts were needed to convince Moscow to drop its support for Assad. “We must have a frank discussion with Russia to convince it that it is in its interests, in the interests of the region, in the interests of peace, to finish with Bashar al-Assad,” Hollande said.
Jordan, meanwhile, announced it would host next week the “Friends of Syria” group, bringing together foreign ministers from 11 key countries including Egypt, Qatar, the United States, Britain, France, Turkey and Germany. Top political directors from the US, Britain and France also held low-key talks in Washington Thursday to prepare for the planned peace conference.