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New environmental awareness campaign launched

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New environmental awareness campaign launched
New environmental awareness campaign launched

(Dubai) – The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, DEWA, has launched a new environmental campaign under the theme ‘Let’s be the change. Let’s change climate change,’ to raises awareness among residents of Dubai on the need to rationalise the use of electricity and water.
The campaign also underlines the positive impact of collective efforts on the environment, and the important role individuals play in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and limiting global warming.
DEWA is inviting all organisations and society members to participate in the campaign through its social networks, using the hashtag #YourPower The campaign supports DEWA’s work to mobilise and combine national efforts in preparation for Earth Hour, which it is organising on 28th March 2015.
The campaign highlights simple practices that individuals can adopt in their daily lives to reduce electricity and water use, and save precious resources. These include switching off non-essential lighting and electrical appliances when not in use, setting air conditioning at 24 C, and conserving water in every way possible.
(Courtesy WAM)

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