GEO 2018 opens under Premier’s patronage

GEO 2018 opens under Premier’s patronage

GEO 2018 opens under Premier’s patronage

(Manama) – His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa deputized Oil Minister Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa to inaugurate the 13th Middle East Geological Sciences Conference (GEO 2018) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

The four-day event is being held under the patronage HRH the Premier at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre (BIECC) under the slogan “Push the Technical Boundaries: Drawing the Image of Energy”. It is organized by UBM- Arabian Exhibitions and AAPG in collaboration with the National Oil and Gas Authority (NOGA).

The conference is attended by a large number of officials, chief executive officers of national and international companies, engineers and professionals, specialists and scientists, as well as researchers, academics, universities and university colleges and research institutes from around the world to discuss and shape the future of this vital industry, build capacity and skills and communicate with experts and specialists.

The minister expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to HRH the Premier for patronizing the event for more than two decades since its inception in 1994, hailing his support, constructive guidance and constant follow-up. He underline the Government’s keenness to provide the highest support for such specialized events which contribute to the economic, information, experience and expertise, and to participate in building capacities and skills and to contribute to the enhancement of the human resources, which is essential for the promotion of sustainable development in Bahrain and the GCC countries.

The minister welcomed all participating delegations and exhibitors from all over the world, wishing them a good stay in Bahrain, benefiting from the conference sessions and the scientific and practical papers presented therein, and getting acquainted with the latest technologies in the accompanying exhibition, to uplift their strategies for development and improvement in their companies and their countries simultaneously.

He underlined the international reputation of the Middle East Geological Sciences Conference and Exhibition series since its inception in 1994, which contributed significantly to increasing the number of participants from all over the world in its thirteenth edition to find out about the latest developments in science and technological inventions related to various exploration issues on the Oil and Gas.

He highlighted the outstanding role played by “GEO” in the exchange of expertise and knowledge and best practices in the Middle East and the world among those interested in this vital field, which is a real opportunity to develop resources in a correct and effective and safe form and manner of high awareness and responsibility.

He also pointed out that this series of conferences and exhibitions contribute to the competitiveness of the academic communities in the research fields, which help the exploration and production companies to use the best improved resources to develop the operational performance, in addition to opening channels of business partnerships, developing technological supplies and rehabilitation of human resources and work to create a suitable working environment.

“The Arabian Gulf is home to the world’s largest oil and gas reserves. The challenge is to combine technology, business and human resources in a way that will enable us to produce these supplies successfully and deliver them to the market efficiently, which requires participation between industry, government and consumers, considering supply and demand”, he said.

He said that the oil industry in the region is seeking to develop high-tech industrial initiatives and provide the best incentives for exploring difficult oil; and cooperate with the relevant support services companies to find innovative solutions to the challenges of this vital and important sector. Requesting to review the training programs that provide qualified professionals in this sector.

He stressed the urgent need to attract youth to take over the leadership of the oil sector in the future to come, which requires investment in the development of competencies of the human capital in accordance with international standards.

He commended the efforts led by the National Oil and Gas Oil Authority (NOGA) and its subsidiaries to adopt a comprehensive succession plan for the oil and gas sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He expressed pride at the discovery of oil in Bahrain in 1932 as the first producing country in the Arabian Gulf region. Since then, the oil sector has been operating according to a clear strategy to involve the private sector in implementing and managing oil projects.

NOGA and its subsidiaries are carrying out many vital and important projects that support the development of this important sector. He referred to the modernization project of Bahrain Refinery, which is one of the strategic projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain to upgrade the first refinery in the GCC region, established in 1936.

The project aims to enhance competitiveness and profitability and to continue to contribute to the structure of the national economy by increasing the production of the refinery. The minister added that the construction and modernization work in the project of replacing and modernizing the oil pipeline between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia is proceeding according to the plan and the budget allocated to increase the capacity of the current pipes, which have been over 70 years. He expressed his thanks and gratitude to the wise leadership for the support to the oil and gas sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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