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FNC passes food safety draft law

FNC passes food safety draft law
FNC passes food safety draft law

(Abu Dhabi) – The Federal National Council (FNC) held its 12th session of the 15th legislative chapter under the chairmanship of its Speaker, Mohammed Ahmed Al Murr.
The Council passed a draft federal law on food safety after amending some its articles and introducing new ones. The law shall be enforced in all the UAE territories, including the free zones.
Under the law, dealing in adulterated food or foods unfit for human consumption at any stage of the supply chain is punishable by at least 3 months of imprisonment or a fine of Dh100,000 to Dh 1 million.
During the session, the FNC members tabled six questions to government representatives on topics related to Emiratisation, renewable energy, housing, services to pilgrims and services offered by the Marriage Fund.
(Courtesy WAM)