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Sheikh Abdullah receives Ambassadors of Security Council’s Permanent Members


Sheikh Abdullah receives Ambassadors of Security Council's Permanent Members(Abu Dhabi) – Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.H. Sheikh Abdullah received Ambassadors of Security Council’s Permanent Members. During talks with the Ambassadors, Sheikh Abdullah stressed that United Arab Emirates has the message of moderation, tolerance and rejection of all forms of extremism and terrorism. Nationals of more than 200 countries are hosted by the UAE where tolerance and moderation prevail in their relations, Sheikh Abdullah said in remarks as he received ambassadors of the Security Council’s permanent member countries, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia and France.
The minister also condemned the recent acts of violence which resulted in the killing of US Ambassador to Libya, noting that the current unrest in some Arab countries is a reaction to the film insulting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and will have impact on a wide range of regional political events.
He also called on the UN Security Council and its five permanent members to take all necessary procedures to protect all faiths from defamation so that acts of violence and extremism will not repeated as a reaction in the region.