Government of Isle of Man and UAE agree to expand Economic Relations

(Dubai) Mr. Colin Kniveton, The Chief Executive of Economic Department of the Government of Isle of Man called on the UAE Central Bank and held wide ranging discussions with senior official of the government of UAE with a view to further expanding Economic relations between the UAE and the Government of Isle of Man. The Chief Executive was received by senior officials at the UAE Central bank that included Mr. Nader Al Ansari, Mr. Ibrahim Al Hosni and Mr. Mohammed Tayeb.  During their meeting both sides agreed to explore further areas of mutual cooperation between the two countries with a view to enhancing economic ties. The visit by the Chief Executive comes at an important time when the global economic outlook is redefining itself, and is likely to give a fresh boost to the long standing association between Isle of Man and the United Arab Emirates.  During his talks, Mr Colin Kniveton was accompanied by John Batty, the regional director of the Government of Isle of Man and senior international lawyer, Dr Mansour Malik.   The UAE government officials appreciated the various suggestions given by Mr. Kniveton.
Earlier, The Chief Executive also Called on the Director General of the UAE Insurance Authority His Excellency Mr. Abdulsalam Alali at the UAE Insurance Authority Offices in Abu Dhabi. Both officials held detailed discussions on further enhancing the cooperation between the Insurance Sectors of both countries.  His Excellency Abdulsalam Alali appreciated the positive role being played by the Isle of Man companies that are doing business in the UAE and expressed the hope that this will further strengthen the level of cooperation between both countries.  During the talks Mr. Mustafa Rajab, the Chief Legal Advisor of the UAE Insurance Authority and senior International Lawyer Dr Mansoor Malik were also present.
UAE and Isle of Man are cooperation at various levels and the relations are likely to further expand in the coming days and further meetings between top offcials between the two countries are expected in the coming days.