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Global economy on recovery path: Lagarde


Global economy on recovery path Lagarde(Beijing) – IMF chief, Christine Lagarde has said that measures taken to fight financial woes in Europe and the US have started to pay off, in a cautiously upbeat assessment of the global economy.
Lagarde is attending a high profile forum on China’s development and will hold meetings with her economic counterparts.
Addressing the forum Lagarde said, “Even just a few months ago, the situation was decidedly gloomy. Yet, today, we are seeing signs of stabilisation; signs that policy actions are paying off. Financial-market conditions are more comfortable and recent economic indicators are beginning to look a little more upbeat, including in the United States”.
Lagarde hailed policy actions taken particularly by the European Central Bank and some European countries had helped stabilise the overall situation. The looming threat of a Greek default receded after most of the country’s private creditors agreed to a bond swap that will see them accept huge losses and wipe some 100 billion euros ($132 billion) off Athens’ debt.