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Afghanistan-US reach pact on post 2014 American support


Afghanistan-US reach pact on post 2014 American support(Kabul) – After more than a year of negotiations, U.S. and Afghan officials have reached an agreement confirming the United States’ commitment to Afghanistan for a decade after its formal troop withdrawal in 2014. The document, which must be reviewed by the Afghan parliament and U.S. security agencies and is to be signed by Presidents of both states, offers a broad guarantee that the U.S. role here will not end as abruptly as some feared it might.
“The document finalized today provides a strong foundation for the security of Afghanistan, the region and the world, and is a document for the development of the region”, said Afghan National Security Adviser, Rangin Dadfar Spanta. The document pledges American financial support for Afghanistan through 2024 and references the ongoing U.S. role in supporting Afghan democracy and civil society.