UAE, US joint military exercise ‘Iron Union 12’ concludes

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(Abu Dhabi) – The joint military exercise between the ground forces of the UAE and the United States, dubbed “Iron Union 12”, concluded successfully achieving the desired goals and plans.

The final day of the exercise was attended by Lt. General Saleh Mohammed Saleh Al Ameri, Commander of the UAE Land Forces, and General James C. McConville, US Chief of Staff of the Army, in addition to senior commanders and officers of the armed forces of the two countries.

Lt. General Al Ameri commended the professional skills demonstrated by the forces of the two countries.

The “Iron Union 12” exercise, which continued for two weeks, lies within the framework of the joint exercises of the UAE Armed Forces with fraternal and friendly countries to enhance their combat skills in a manner consistent with the latest developments, and that reflects their readiness.

The military exercise reflected their combat and professional ability, strengthening the concept of command, control and hitting targets with high precision and a joint conclusion between the two sides.

The exercise was characterised by seriousness and integration in command and control, the application of combat strategies, unification of joint military concepts and the implementation of all stages of professional training between ground forces with combat and technical capabilities.

This, in turn, gave confidence to the participating forces to carry out any tasks assigned to them to defend the pillars of security and stability in the region.